Friday, August 18, 2006

A Tribute.......

Never has a book made me write...this is not a book, its a diary of a young girl who lived in hiding for 25 months during the Nazi agression...She named me Kitty, she made me get under her flesh and bones, she made me a fifteen year old girl, I could even feel the pain and pleasures of her menstruation periods, her first love, her lonliness, her longing for fresh air and play out in the open...though she did not live long to see her diary become legendary....Her wish did come true..."I want to live even after my death".....And so does she live.....She is immortal...She will never grows old to see her wrinkles....She will remain a beautiful fifteen year old girl......Forever.

This is a Tribute to Anne Frank, the jewish girl whose diary created ripples throughout the world, stripping war showing its utter cruelties and brutality....Though the real tribute I paid her was the drop of tear, when i read about her death......

Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Real Mirages

Do you see what you really see?
You shall never know.For you are
Not privileged.Friends you see may
Be themselves only to you.He may
Not exist or exist only in your mind.
Leaves that appear green may not be green
For green is not green.Days and nights are
Illusions.The eyes are yours
You make them see
What you want to see....

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  • Weather's the key

    I always hated if the weather changes, because 9 out of 10 people will start a conversation.
    I woke up at 10 AM.I was already late for my presentation on my Business Plan and I have not completed my soft copy yet. I got ready and commenced my preparation, it was 11, and my presentation was due at 1PM.

    Srinivas came into my room and said,"Hi vijay bright day isn’t it?” He chatted for half an hour about his plan for his photographic society. After he left, I managed to complete my work at haste.

    I set out for a big day at 12.15.parvaz met me in the stairs, "Hi.Do you think it will rain today?". He conversed for about 15 minutes and borrowed 10 rupees from me.

    I was on my way hoping nobody will waste my time anymore. But bhargav met me," Today's weather is better than yesterday's. what do you say?". He kept gabbing for 10 minutes and borrowed my room key, as he had some work in my computer.

    I finally reached the lecture theater which was almost full-house by then. I took my seat in the center of the hall. When I was waiting for my turn, a gorgeous girl arrived, she was sporting a violet formal shirt and black trousers. Her dark hair framed her delicate face. She came near me and took the seat beside mine.I slowly turned to her and said," A Beautiful day. Isn’t it?”.


    Things change just as days and nights
    Situations alter themselves trying desperately,
    To magnify themselves,imposing their shadow
    Upon us.The dance of Time and its games
    Are eternal.The bridge may be broken.
    The jump may be long,alernatives may be buried
    The leap is short lived but lives forever
    As long as Time,may smile upon thee
    Thou shalt not slip,
    For there is a bridge beneath.

    Monday, February 27, 2006

    Purity of Truth

    Where does it exist?
    In your mother's love?
    On a girl's clear skin?
    In a moonlit sky?
    In the fury of fire?
    On a dead man's lips?
    In the smell of air?
    In the colours you see?
    In the words that flow?
    At the quench of thirst?
    The thoughts seem endless
    I now Know.Truth has
    No boundary.For anything
    That is pure.
    Has no periphery...

    Where Am I

    I'm half asleep
    In a world which
    Belongs nor to Dreams
    Neither to Reality
    But words still flow
    An incessant river
    Into the vast ocean of
    Minds,Existence is unproven
    Evidence of Existence
    Never exists.Nevertheless
    Imposters remain,perservering
    To establish the existence
    Of Reality.You may never know
    For you are as awake
    As I am......


    Many say He is all-powerful,
    He shall never Fail,
    He creates and destroys.
    Perfect is He.
    For there is nothing,He can't accomplish,
    For there is nothing,He shant achieve
    I shall be awed
    If He creates
    A Rock He Cant Lift!

    I am not an easy man to impress...Even if you are God...
    -Krish Vijay

    Sunday, February 26, 2006

    When do we get nervous

    I got nervous....Not that i've never been...sometimes it happens, you are not know you are not at your best, inspite of this awareness you can't be what you want to be.....when do people get nervous....?..A moment when you don't want to be in your very own shoes...
    Is it when you stand between a ladder and a snake's mouth....?..Is it at the moment of justification of a long awaited dream..?
    FEAR......I tried to show my back at him....but he came aross to laugh at my face....all I could do was smile back....after all I am good mannered..

    Wednesday, November 23, 2005

    The Castle In The Air

    I want to build a castle in the air(literally)..........i'm not crazy......but this is to prove a point........why can't one accomplish it.........i feel this phrase is to dissuade man from realising his dream......even before he unveils the plan to build his castle.........history encouraged me......people laughed at the idea of man flying.......Now,the day dawns with innumerable airplanes taking was the idea tht changed our lives.....i appreciate these critics for one thing.....they forced man to make the impossible...a reality.....

    In the lighter's extremely easy to build a castle in the virtual world and invite u to have a scroll's ur mind tht makes it's ur mind tht makes it impossible to see what is right in front of u.....this is my idea......i hope u come up with a better idea.... 'cause,i dont think the way u do.....let's prove these guys wrong.....let's give them the privilege to gaze at what they cannot believe......history proves they are wrong......the future will prove the same

    Wednesday, October 05, 2005

    Here I am.

    I am not Bryan Adams.

    What is Failure?

    Nobody wants to botch.......But sometimes in life u cant help it......I am writing not out of frustration......But out of experience........A series of substandard executions of whatever I set to do....Someone said, "U've got to b strong".......My father says"never,never...give up".......But words are just words.It calls for someone inside you to stock up his muscles.

    Not every body have become what they really wanted to be.They have met catastrophies.."A failure is the stepping stone of success".....A string of failures ends with a catastrophe..People who take every failure a catastrophe,never climbed a step....A catastrophe never transpires me......But the climb seems to never end....Nonetheless I persist on climbing........One day I will reach the top.....

    Sunday, October 02, 2005

    Education in India

    Education is indispensable in order to improve the human race in social,technological and economic points of view...But the present orientation,I am afraid points to the last factor....A university is set up in order to sophisticate the respective society with innovations...It hardly becomes a reality without appropriate approach...

    The human kind is what it is today thanks to innnovations...I remember Einstein say"Education is the platform for creativity"...Increasing the literacy rate does not improve the populace unless people remodel the structure for the betterment..My intention here is to enrich the reader,if he/she never thought of this...Afterall 'What did not strike u ,may strike someone else'....

    'Wherever u r.....wat ever u do....always use the latest technology'

    What is Pornography

    Pornography is not a subject but a peripheral..It reduces the gap between the consumer and consumed.pornographic image strips off the context and magnifies the area of consumption.It freezes in time what is otherwise teasingly ephemeral.pornography portrays the object as a thing-yet -to be-consumed.Thereby the human in the image is obscured.
    It is not an accident that pornography is all an inexorable process of a rapidly consuming world,a world where any valuability lies in the extent of consumption for personal gratification.This way we become consumers of pornography in one way or the other...